Pajala Market 2015


Welcome to Pajala Market, now in its 44th year!
Experience a traditional market with its roots in the 18th Century.

Your Daily Guide to Pajala Market 2015
Friday 3rd July
Saturday 4th July
Sunday 5th July

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Since 1796 when the market began, sellers have travelled from Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden with their wares, including dogs, tobacco, herring, salmon and their own products like horse shoes, nails, sythes, metalwork and knives. The market takes place once a year around the first week of July. Earlier markets took place twice a year in March and December. Village folk from near and far travelled for many days to buy and sell. Buyers took with them large barrels of spirits. In Kengis there was also a bakery which had a good reputation.

The old Pajala market ended in 1865, which had a demoralising effect on the local population. Despite this, the market continued in Kengis for half a century with the last one talking place around 1907. Today Pajala market is Norrbotten’s biggest summer market with over 300 market stalls spread over 1700 m. 10 000 visitors a year visit the market over its duration and in the evenings join the village in the variety of entertainment offered there. It harks presumably back to a much more ancient time, although the commerce is much more extensive now. On the market you can find genuine handcrafts mixed with many other different products. Pajala market has all the ingredients that a good market ought to have!